Saturday, February 19, 2011

My father

This is my dad.  He used to be a rugby player but now he plays golf.  This year he is going to coach an Under 16 rugby team.  He's a good motorbike rider.  His youngest sister just had a baby.  He has three children, my twin sister Krystal and me, and Georgia.

We live on a farm and mum and dad milk cows. 

Here are some cows that have just been milked:


  1. That's a nice photo of your Dad. It's good to see a photo of the cows. It reminds me how long it is since I've seen the herd. The black coat of the cow in the last photo is beautifully glossy. I haven't noticed that before.

  2. Hi Shayde, you are taking some lovely photos, keep it up. The one of your Dad is great. What is that on the platter in front of him? It looks interesting.
    Chris xx